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Royal Stache India

StacheMan's Red Wine Leather Tooled Belt

StacheMan's Red Wine Leather Tooled Belt

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High quality leather

We appreciate the use of rich and genuine leather in our red wine belts. We embrace only vegetable- tanned full- grains and chromium- free leathers for our belts. The high quality leather used in our belts makes them sturdy as well as durable. And the belts also get better with age. And that’s why we collaborate with the preeminent tanneries and mills.

Dyed by hands

The best thing about our belts collection is that they are painted by hands.  Our every single piece of belt is stained by hands and this allows us to give a unique and regal look to our collection.

Stitched and cut by hands

Our exquisite collection of red wine belts is perfectly and stitched and barbered by hands. This permits us to embrace the perfect sections of rich leather.

Awe- inspiring buckles

Our royal collection of red wine belts in accessible in two sorts of buckles- golden and silver. Both the colors look matchless and offer an imperial and vintage look to the styling.



  • Extensively leather-lined
  • Shipped with a strong and resistant wooden box.
  • Royal Stache’s belts collection is beautifully painted and stained by hands. The hue may differ a bit from the picture.
  • The hand stitched belts with leather lining gives a modern touch.
  • The belts are extremely lightweight and offer comfort and durability.
  • Expected Delivery time is 7-10 working days
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