About us

The name “Royal Stache” is inspired by the aim of breathing new life into royalty. The brand sets it heart on reviving the exquisite and majestic royal touch in men’s styling. As Royal Stache is situated at the capital of the dignified state- Rajasthan, the brand is a footprint of the majestic and royal artifacts of the magnificent state.

For all those, who are heads over heels in love with the majestic grandeur and magnificence of the palaces and forts of Rajasthan, Royal Stache has launched it royal and imperial collection of high-quality leather boots, belts, wallets, and laptop bags. Our collection is inspired by the vintage royalty. Royal Stache presents its majestic collection of the royal hood and the brand wishes to establish a bond of benevolence with its customers. Royal Stache aims at offering modern styling a royal vintage fashion scintilla. A beautiful and superlative touch of royalty makes everything a lot more awe-inspiring and attractive. Royal Stache is up to serve the same core. The chief strength of the brand is on Embracing the royal hood. Royal Stache has launched a premier and classic collection of rich Leather boots, Belts, Wallets, and Laptop Bags.

About our Logo

The endeavor of framing a perfect picture of “Royal Stache” is done by the logo of the brand. The logo of “Royal Stache” embraces a grand moustache and horses. The moustache in the impressing logo of “Royal Stache” stands for the real and true manhood. As the manhood is incomplete without a great moustache in the same way the styling and smartening up of a man is scrappy without a notable moustache. And the horses in the exquisite logo allude to the great and outstanding horse of the legend Maharana Pratap- Chetak. Chetak was a lot more than an accustomed horse. The horse is best known for its bravery. And as everybody knows that bravery is one of the richest possessions of masculinity the heroism and manliness is literally patchy without braveness and boldness.

Triumph the RoyalHood

The Tagline of the brand – ‘Triumph the RoyalHood’ symbolizes the bringing back and conquest of the RoyalHood. A magnificent place like Rajasthan is popular for its royal possessions. Royal Stache is energized by the RoyalHood of the state and present this grandeur in everything they offer.